GP Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the RAISE LP Portal?

The LP Portal is a private section of the RAISE website, available only to the registered Limited Partners of RAISE5. Limited Partners can search for, review, sort, connect with, and request additional information from attending General Partners using this portal.

What is required to complete the application to present at RAISE5?

First you must be invited, and then purchase a ticket. Next, you complete and publish your profile to attending Limited Partners. Presentation applicants are required to submit a fundraising deck and fund performance data as part of completing their profile, however you choose whether or not these are visible to attending LPs, or private to the selection committee. Once this is complete, you may optionally upload supplemental materials for use ONLY by the RAISE Presentation Selection Committee. These materials may include track records, bios, and other traditional data room materials. Uploading supplemental materials is optional, but highly recommended as it increases your chances of being selected as a presenter.

Who decides which funds present at RAISE5?

We expect more applications to present than we have presentation slots. As a result, we have formed a committee of experienced venture capital fund investors to select which funds will present.

I am not applying to present. Should I still complete a Profile?

Highly recommended: Yes! Completing a profile markets you and your funds to attending Limited Partners, increasing your connections and brand awareness for fundraising and deal flow.

Will RAISE Conferences schedule 1:1 meetings for me at the event?

This year the event committee will schedule 1:1 meetings for LP-GP connection. During completion of your profile you may elect to allow Limited Partners to request scheduled meetings with you at the event. If you elect Yes, a button will appear on your profile that LPs can click to “Schedule a meeting with this GP at RAISE”. If clicked, we will arrange a 15 minute meeting between this LP and you during the event. Be considerate. If you elect this option and we schedule a meeting for you, please attend, regardless of the LP that makes the request.

Is my contact information visible on the LP Portal?

By default your personal contact information is NOT visible to Limited Partners. During completion of your profile you may elect to publish this information. If you elect to publish your contact information, your email address and phone number will be visible to Limited Partners. Your LinkedIn profile link (if provided) will always be visible.

Is my fundraising deck visible on the LP Portal?

By default your fundraising deck is NOT visible to Limited Partners. During completion of your profile you are asked to upload a copy of your most recent fundraising deck. This step is required for anyone applying to present at RAISE5. You may optionally publish this deck to attending Limited Partners by answering Yes when asked during completion of your profile. If you elect to publish your deck, Limited Partners will have an option to request a copy of your deck when privately viewing your profile. RAISE will distribute your fundraising deck to the requesting Limited Partner. You will receive a full list of all Limited Partners who request your deck.

Is my fund performance data visible on the LP Portal?

By default your fund performance data is NOT visible to Limited Partners. If you are applying to present at RAISE, your profile is required to contain your Fund Performance data. You may elect to publish this Fund Performance data by answering Yes when asked during completion of your profile.

I just started fundraising a new fund, what fund performance data should I provide?

Even a new fund has data. At a minimum the name of the fund and the target total fund size should be provided, even if all other metrics are currently 0. In fact most all companies applying to present at RAISE are now, or soon will be in-market. Therefore, your most recent fund is likely to be just your target, with little or no performance yet available.

What is the deadline for applying to present?

All applications to present at RAISE5 must be completed by Tuesday September 8, 2020. There are no exceptions.

When can I elect my preferences for the LP-lead small group breakout sessions?

In late July we will send you a link to a page where you can elect your preferences for the LPs you want to meet during small group breakout sessions. As table assignment and scheduling is based on a first-come first-serve basis, we will notify you approximately one week prior to the start of signup so you will be quick to react when election begins.

When will I know if I am presenting?

You will be notified whether or not you have been selected to present, along with your scheduled presentation time by Thursday September 17.

If I am selected to present, what slides are required?

Presentations at RAISE are limited to 5 minutes each. The audience may be as large as 300 people. You will have approximately 10 days from the date you are notified of your selection in which to complete your slides for this 5 minutes (7-10 slides max).

If I am not selected to present, should I still attend?

General Partners attending RAISE consistently say the event is worth their time and money, even if they do not present. Your profile and attendance lead to Limited Partner connections, meetings, and in some cases investments. Your ability to network with and watch other General Partners will lead to connections and knowledge you otherwise cannot easily obtain.

Can I get a list of the people attending RAISE5?

A complete list of attendees (name and company only) will be provided to you as part of your logistical email, on or around Wednesday September 23rd.

Why are we limited to one ticket per company?

Every year we turn away over 100 emerging managers because there is not enough room at RAISE. Conversely, most everyone who attends RAISE, consistently says we should not make the event larger. As a result, this year we are limiting all registered General Partners to one partner per company. You may elect to transfer your registration to another partner at any time by notifying RAISE at